ABN AMRO Digital Impact Fund invests in cybersecurity firm BehavioSec

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ABN AMRO’s Digital Impact Fund (DIF) has purchased an interest in US cybersecurity firm BehavioSec.

Besides access to the latest cybersecurity technology, this strategic investment also gives ABN AMRO direct access to the ecosystems of leading venture capital providers and digital security players and current trends in these fields.

Cybersecurity is a core theme for ABN AMRO. After all, ABN AMRO’s clients need assurance that the personal data and assets that they have entrusted to the bank always receive excellent protection. Behaviosec provides advanced security technology, offering a new layer of security in addition to existing solutions. In the months ahead, ABN AMRO will be investigating how BehavioSec’s technology can be used for the benefit of the bank’s clients.

ABN AMRO’s Digital Impact Fund is the bank’s corporate venture capital fund, investing in innovative startups that specialise in the digitalisation of financial products and services. Besides its shareholding in Behaviosec, the EUR 10 million fund currently has stakes in Tink (Sweden) and Cloud Lending Solutions Inc.(US). 

Read BehavioSec’s press release.

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