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ABN AMRO launched a pilot earlier this year in which 500 clients were asked to make payments using wearables. Of these clients, an impressive 78 per cent now prefer the wearables, and only 19 per cent prefer their debit cards. On average, clients make six payments a week for amounts under 25 euros. ABN AMRO is extending the pilot to test new functionalities with this pilot group.

During the pilot, clients provided feedback using a dedicated app. Some of their suggestions led to adjustments while the pilot was ongoing, and, based on others, new features are now being developed. The majority of clients wanted to be able to see payments made with the wearable real-time in their Mobile Banking app, rather than a day later as is now the case. Also, clients want to be able to make payments over 25 euros with their wearables and PINs.

If you have any questions, please contact ABN AMRO’s Press Office, tel. 020 - 628 89 00.

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