ABN AMRO data analysts working to improve diagnosis of cardiovascular disease

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The bank’s data analysts have been working together with medical specialists and researchers from the University Medical Center Utrecht and the Dutch Heart Foundation since the end of January to find a better method of detecting severe cardiovascular disorders. The initial results are hopeful.

“After a week of intensive work, we have achieved some great results,” says Tjebbe Tauber of ABN AMRO, initiator of this collaborative effort, which is also referred to as a ‘hackathon’. “Based on ECG and lab data, we can predict with 88 per cent certainty that no damage to the major arteries will be visible on a patient’s MRI or CT scan; this is 80 per cent certainty for minor arteries. And these percentages could increase, as our next step is to refine this model.”

Bringing together two worlds

Tjebbe explains how two different types of experts worked together during the hackathon: “Doctors and data analysts. They have to learn to understand each other. Data analysts are unable to read an ECG, but they do need to use it. Equally, a certain method of analysis may be a logical choice for a data analyst, but is unknown territory for doctors. A hackathon brings together the best of two worlds. We can learn from each other and help each other. Throughout the week, we saw that other companies in our sector were impressed by this project. For instance, we were assisted by two data analysts and a strategist from the Amsterdam Data Collective, a company that normally mainly offers consultancy services to the financial sector.”

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Read the previously published news item (in Dutch only) to find out more about how the analysts and researchers worked on this project. You can also watch a recap of the hackathon in this 
video (in Dutch only).


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