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At the end of May, in Eindhoven, ABN AMRO opened its first branch office featuring a new building concept – a concept centred around personal contact and digital convenience, and where all expertise is gathered under one roof. Not only that, but it’s all housed in a sustainable, circular building. The building materials have been, or will be, given a second life, thanks to innovative designers and future-oriented architects and contractors. Welcome to an office full of stories.

The new concept makes it even easier for clients to switch over to digital banking. In the new banking space, staff can help clients with internet, mobile or video banking and clients can come in for a meeting with an advisor, a private banker or a relationship manager, bringing their multiple questions to a single address.

Sustainability is at the heart of ABN AMRO’s strategy, a commitment that is expressed in the new building concept. The building was renovated and refurbished in as sustainable and circular a way as possible, i.e. by re-purposing and recycling materials as much and for the longest life as possible, at the highest possible quality level. This contributes to a solution for the issue of declining materials and commodities resources while at the same time reducing carbon emissions.

Clients will experience a very different atmosphere in the new offices – a more personal, welcoming environment. Various services are on offer, either jointly or individually: clients can seek advice, get assistance, do online banking, work, hold meetings and make presentations. The designers have devoted attention to sight lines, furnishing, plants and acoustics (so as to ensure privacy).


The new office is full of remarkable stories about the repurposed furniture and materials (see the videos below). For instance, the walls are finished with old pallets, a modular system that is assembled in sheltered workshops and is easily disassembled. And the furnishings are made from recycled materials – furniture and upholstery are created from recycled PET bottles, fiberised clothing and ocean plastic. Clients may recognise some things from the old offices; the old counters are being re-used, as are the benches, but they are being refurbished so as to fit in with the new look.

The bank wants to use all of these stories to show clients and the market that it’s possible to create a new environment in a sustainable and circular manner – with examples that can be applied at home, stories that make you think, and smart designs that can be copied.


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