Florius introduces mortgage increases without paperwork

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Florius has introduced the possibility for clients to increase their mortgages without needing to submit documents. Florius is the first market player to use source data to realise mortgage increases. This is a big step forward, both for clients and for advisors , in terms of simplifying the mortgage application process.

After the client gives permission, Florius will use Ockto to access the client data that it needs to increase the client’s mortgage. Client data might be taken from Dutch government portal MijnOverheid, employee insurance agency UWV and other sources. Florius director Karin Polman explains, “This is an important step in digitalising the mortgage application process. Replacing documents with source data makes it much easier for us to facilitate homeowners. We don’t need to ask for all sorts of documents, without it always being clear to the client why we need them. We can also better help advisors by cutting back the amount of paperwork. Basing our acceptance procedures on data will also make it possible, further down the road, to look at the client’s future prospects.”

First lender

Florius is the first lender in the Netherlands to base its mortgage increase acceptances on source data rather than documents that the client submits. The new mortgage process applies to all increases, including Florius’s sustainability product Florius Verduurzaam Hypotheek. This is a joint project of Florius and ABN AMRO. ABN AMRO Hypotheken will possibly also adopt the new process in the future.

Visit Florius.nl for more detailed information about using Ockto for mortgage increases. Further background information is available on the Florius Advisers Network.


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