New payment services fees, for manual work and printed statements, for business clients

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Business clients who use ABN AMRO’s payment services will be charged new fees as from 1 January 2020. This applies mainly to services involving manual work or printed statements.

Printed statements more expensive, online statements free

New fees will be charged for around 20% of the bank’s standard payment services. ABN AMRO wants to encourage the use of digital solutions and to discourage printed statements and manual work, for example printed statements of business accounts. As from 1 January 2020, the more often a client requests a printed statement, the higher the fee will be. Downloading digital overviews and statements is free of charge. Fees for a few other payment services will be increased as well, either because the fee has not been adjusted for quite some time or because part of the development costs will be incorporated in the fee.

Payment services costs for trade finance

ABN AMRO serves clients active in international trade finance. This sector is subject to an increasing number of laws and regulations. For example, there are new rules governing capital requirements and risk management, resulting in higher costs for guarantees. Due to these additional costs, the bank will increase the fees for payment services specifically related to trade finance.


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