Watch: Yarnelle (14) in charge of ABN AMRO for a day

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Last week Yarnelle, a schoolboy from Amsterdam, took over Tanja Cuppen’s job for a day. JINC’s Tomorrow’s Boss project (Baas van Morgen) gave him a taste of the busy life of a real-world bank executive. The crowning moment was a meeting with Dutch King Willem-Alexander.

Yarnelle was followed by a camera crew throughout his day. You can watch the report here. Duration: 2:07.

Last Saturday’s episode of royalty-watcher show Blauw Bloed also included a section on Tomorrow’s Boss, with an interview with Tanja and Yarnelle. You can watch the episode (Dutch only). The relevant section starts at 22:50.

Tanja was not the only manager to step aside. ABN AMRO’s office in Leeuwarden also had a new boss for one day, as covered by the regional press (Dutch only).

Tomorrow’s Boss at JINC

By running its Tomorrow’s Boss project, JINC, a not-for-profit organisation that combats inequality of opportunities for youngsters, draws attention to the fact that not all of tomorrow’s young talents get a fair crack at the whip when it comes to opportunities in the labour market. By spending a day as Tomorrow’s Boss, these youngsters experience what it is like to manage, get an inside look of an organisation, and make valuable contacts for the future.


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