ABN AMRO commissions new research into its own history

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Recent events across the globe have drawn attention to systemic racism and the inequality faced by black people for centuries. This has ignited a worldwide public debate. While it’s been a long time coming, it is good that these discussions are now being held.

As a bank with a history going back 300 years, ABN AMRO too is aware that there may be some episodes in our past of which we cannot be proud. 

Over the years, ABN AMRO's history has been characterised by acquisitions, split-ups and mergers. The history of today's ABN AMRO is different from that of the bank before 2007/2008. 

ABN AMRO has therefore decided to commission a study into the history of today’s ABN AMRO. In this way, the bank aims to shed more light on its own past. 

We are confident that this will inspire us to engage in dialogue with each other and to teach us lessons that are needed to find common grounds of understanding. Also, we will use these lessons from our history as an inspiration to continue to foster diversity and inclusion on the basis of equality and respect for every individual’s unique qualities. 

We are proud of the bank’s achievements in becoming a diverse and inclusive organisation that offers a place and opportunities for everyone, regardless of skin colour, cultural background, religion, gender or sexual orientation. We have made great strides in recent years in increasing the number of women in senior management and board positions and in creating a tolerant and safe workplace for everyone. We are also proud of our efforts to promote respect for human rights and to help combat modern slavery, an abhorrent practice which today affects approximately 40 million people throughout the world and around 30,000 in the Netherlands. 

At the same time, we are well aware that we all still have a world to gain. 


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