ABN AMRO helps entrepreneurs become more sustainable in 100 days

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A more sustainable company in one hundred days? It’s possible through the Impact Nation programme, a collaboration between ABN AMRO, The Next Web and Impact Hub. ABN AMRO clients who want to take a sustainability challenge but aren’t sure how to do so, can take part in this programme. The bank pairs them with a tech start-up to tackle the challenge together. The first companies have finished the Impact Nation programme, and the results speak for themselves!

Sustainable packaging

One of those companies is Vrijdag Premium Printing. As a producer of packaging they wondered whether they could make fully compostable packaging. To answer this question, Impact Nation paired them with Bio4life, a start-up specialised in compostable materials. Together, they worked closely on a solution. “We found the answer by using only natural raw materials,” says Henk Nota, CEO of Vrijdag Premium Printing. “We’re currently testing this and the first results with paper and ink look promising.”

Want to know more about the process of Vrijdag Premium Printing or about other participants? On the 100th day, they will present their results during ‘Demo Day’. Check out the full live stream of the first Demo Day here:

A pressure cooker full of opportunities

At ABN AMRO we want to help our clients become more sustainable. Research shows that entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises want to take the step towards sustainability but don’t know how to achieve this. No fewer than 89 percent of interviewees experience obstacles when putting sustainability into practice. They lack the knowledge and skills or lack a solid business case to take the step towards circularity on their own. Vrijdag Premium Printing ran into this problem as well, Nota says: “Thanks to the Impact Nation programme we have been able to take this step. This has made us a more sustainable company and will allow us to serve different, more sustainable end markets.”

The Impact Nation programme is designed to provide clients with actionable solutions to their problems and to address concerns within 100 days. But it’s not limited to those 100 days: ABN AMRO continues to support the entrepreneurs, even after the programme ends. The bank advises them about financing and rules and regulations and guides them in measuring the impact. This action-oriented approach works incredibly well, according to Nota: “We’ve been trying for some time to make our packaging and production process more sustainable through various programmes. However, with the Impact Nation program we came to a concrete idea, which we can quickly put to market in just 100 days!”

No castles in the air but tangible end products

The programme sets itself apart from other initiatives because it focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises. Similar programmes are usually aimed at larger organisations.

Want to know more about the Impact Nation programme? Check out.


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