ABN AMRO introduces step-by-step sustainability plan

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Collaboration enables ABN AMRO to offer a personal, step-by-step plan for making homes more sustainable

In collaboration with sustainability expert HomeQgo, the bank will now offer all consumers consulting an ABN AMRO mortgage adviser a personal, step-by-step plan for creating an energy-efficient home. HomeQgo’s sustainability advice will be fully integrated into the mortgage adviser’s advice. This simplifies the whole process, from orientation to (possibly) taking out a mortgage which also covers the sustainability measures. It also makes things easier for the client and the adviser.

More than 80% of ABN AMRO’s mortgage advisers have obtained the Adviseur Duurzaam Wonen (Sustainable Home Adviser) certificate, giving them the expertise they need to discuss this step-by-step plan with their clients. ABN AMRO expects to offer 100,000 of these plans to its clients in the next few years.

In addition to this solution for its own mortgage advisers, ABN AMRO is exploring opportunities for providing intermediaries with sustainability advice for their clients.


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