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ABN AMRO today joined forces with 80 other companies and organisations in the mortgage sector to further accelerate the drive to make the Netherlands’ residential owner-occupied property market more sustainable. This involves a commitment by ABN AMRO to train at least 80% of its mortgage advisers as sustainable living advisers. Today sees the launch of the platforms website to support the sector initiative.

The Dutch government’s climate agreement specifies that 1.5 million homes must be made sustainable over the next decade, starting with 50,000 homes a year until 2021 and rising  to 200,000 a year after that. To achieve greater sustainability faster in the market for owner-occupied homes, the sustainable living collaborative platform Sectorcollectief Duurzaam Wonen has made some firm agreements to get clients to do more to make their homes sustainable. As part of this, all mortgage advisers will be trained to conduct professional client meetings on sustainable living.

“Sustainability is a key aspect of ABN AMRO’s strategy. At Personal Banking too we’re making great strides to incorporate sustainability in our core business of banking,” says Eric Jones, head of Advice & Mortgages at ABN AMRO Personal Banking. “The energy transition is a journey we’ll all be going on together, so let’s make it a united endeavour. That’s why ABN AMRO decided to join the platform in 2019. We’re endorsing the collective goal by training a minimum of 80% of our mortgage advisers (direct sales) to become sustainable living advisers.”

Positive response

In March of this year, 42% of all mortgage professionals at Personal Banking – from mortgage advisers to mortgage assistants and mortgage directors – attained their certificates as sustainable living advisers. “If we look at the number of people that have taken the e-learning course to date, we expect to exceed the 80% target as early as July. At the end of the day, of course, we want all our mortgage advisers to be sustainable living advisers! We’ve seen a great deal of interest in the e-learning course and those who have completed it are very enthusiastic. It offers hands-on advice on discussing the issue with clients,” Eric Jones says.

Not just for mortgage advisers

Clients don’t always draw on mortgages to make their homes sustainable, sometimes preferring to use their own savings or consumer loans. Which is why ABN AMRO is offering the e-learning course to all Personal Banking employees. “As well as our mortgage advisers, directors and assistants, we hope to train 85% of all our client-facing people to be sustainable living advisers by 1 July. By March, 20% – the early-birds – had already earned that title. This, too, we’re doing together!” Eric Jones concludes.

For more information about the initiative and training, check out www.adviseurduurzaamwonen.nl (only in Dutch).


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