ABN AMRO shines spotlight on circular economy

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The coronavirus crisis has made us look at consumer behaviour through a different lens and the value of a circular economy may never before have been so clear. ABN AMRO is launching an online campaign today to draw attention to circularity.

Circular business models and initiatives

The circular economy is here to stay, and perhaps more mainstream than we realise. As consumers, we make conscious choices in our daily lives, and more and more companies are crafting circular business models and initiatives that the market is embracing. ABN AMRO supports these circular businesses by providing advice and financing. By teaming up, we’re working towards a sustainable society without waste.

100 circular deals

The campaign ABN AMRO is launching today focuses on a number of circular deals with which we’re helping clients make their businesses more sustainable. Our aim is to clinch 100 circular deals by the end of this year – an ambition that dovetails nicely with our sustainable purpose, Banking for better, for generations to come.

The circular economy campaign

The campaign will be displayed on all our online channels. It will feature videos showing the interaction between consumers and businesses in contributing to the circular economy as well as portraits of clients with circular business models (the circular deals). Background information on circularity will be available on the dedicated theme page on our website.

Find out more on our circular theme page

More about our sustainable purpose


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