Circular deal #22: Homie customers pay per use

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Based in the Dutch city of Delft, Homie is a startup that gives washing machines and dryers to customers, who only pay to use it. In Homie’s service model, customers don’t own the appliances, but they don’t need to worry about maintenance either. Homie is ‘Circular deal #22’ in our campaign about circularity.

ABN AMRO has launched this campaign to draw attention to the circular economy. Central to the campaign are the circular deals that will help our clients make their circular business models and ambitions a reality. In 2017, we committed to concluding 100 circular deals this year. Homie is one of the clients we’re spotlighting. Watch the campaign video and learn everything about their circular story.

Why a campaign about circularity?

The coronavirus crisis has shown just how vulnerable our world is and how important it is to take good care of our sources of energy and raw materials. We must buy less and throw away less. Travel less and fly less. And use more local products. The crisis has made us look at consumer behaviour through a different lens. ABN AMRO is running the campaign this summer to draw attention to these developments.

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