Contactless payments temporarily possible up to 50 euros

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From this week on, consumers can make contactless payments up to 50 euros with their debit card, smartphone or wearables without having to enter their PIN. Until now, entering a PIN code was required to make payments above 25 euros. This transaction limit has been temporarily raised to 50 euros. Consumers and business owners do not need to take any action – the change will be implemented automatically.

With this new measure, clients that want to make contactless payments will not have to touch a payment terminal as often. Banks and suppliers of payment terminals hope this will contribute to the fight against the further spread of the coronavirus. 

About 380,000 payment terminals in the Netherlands will be remotely adjusted for the new spending limit. We expect the limit will have been activated in over three quarters of all payment terminals on Wednesday 25 March. This is already the case in almost all supermarkets and popular shops.

Sandra Molenaar, director of the Dutch Consumer Association, Consumentenbond, is happy with the measure. “The less consumers have to touch payment terminals to enter their PIN, the better. At the same time, it’s important that banks continue to compensate consumers for any misuse up to the new, higher spending limits.”

“We’re happy with the prompt action taken. We’re already asking our clients to pay at payment terminals to reduce cash handling as much as possible, and preferably contactless with a card, smartphone or wearable,” says Eus Peters, director of the Dutch Retail Council. Being able to make contactless payments of larger sums helps a lot.” Shop owners and other business owners can download promotional material from Dutch only)

Last week (in Dutch only), banks raised another limit for contactless payments, the cumulative limit, from 50 euros to 100 euros. The cumulative limit applies to consecutive contactless payments without a PIN code. Banks will continue to compensate consumers for any misuse of stolen or lost contactless cards after the spending limits have been raised.

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