With energy increasingly weather-dependent, how do we keep the lights on?

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Arnold and Jimmy discuss a different aspect of the energy transition every month in their podcast ‘The expert and the novice’. Jimmy Lange is incredibly curious, but his knowledge of physics and chemistry leave much to be desired. Fortunately, Arnold Mulder (Energy sector banker at ABN AMRO) can explain it all in great detail.

This time they unravel the opportunities and downsides of demand response. Demand response is a way of updating the Netherlands’ hundred-year-old power grid, which was built to adapt the supply of electricity to our demand for it. But as we feed more and more solar and wind energy into the network, our energy supply is becoming increasingly weather-dependent and less manageable. Given this trend, how can we ensure there will be enough power when everyone switches the light on in the morning? Jimmy put the question to Arnold, who enlightens us in this 12-minute podcast (Dutch only).

Smarter and more sustainable

ABN AMRO wants to help its clients become more sustainable. One way we’re doing this is by financing sustainable initiatives in the energy transition, such as the use of biofuels for the airline industry. This is how we hope to contribute to a smarter and more sustainable world through clean energy production – one of ABN AMRO’s key goals in the field of innovation for the coming years.

Sustainable business models under the microscope

Want to find out more about sustainable energy technologies? Every month, Circl – ABN AMRO’s circular pavilion at Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district – hosts Energy Transition Thursday, where we put different sustainable business models in the energy transition under the microscope. After all, a successful business model for sustainable technology is worth its weight in gold.

Interested in Energy Transition Thursday? Check out the next edition.

Want to know more about thermal demand response? Watch the entire Energy Transition Thursday event on this topic here (Dutch only).

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