Zero tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption

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ABN AMRO does not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form and is committed to minimising the risk of being associated with corruption or bribery in any way.

To this end, ABN AMRO has put in place a specific anti-corruption and bribery policy. We screen our clients and suppliers and monitor the risk of corruption and bribery on an ongoing basis. 
ABN AMRO also monitors its clients’ money transfers and reports unusual transactions to the authorities. Specific individual cases cannot be shared publicly. The full text of ABN AMRO’s anti-bribery and corruption policy can be found on the bank’s website. 
The United Nations estimates that laundered money accounts for between 2 and 5 percent of global GDP. ABN AMRO takes its gatekeeper role of preventing and detecting illicit fund flows very seriously. About 2,700 employees are currently dedicated full-time to detecting financial crime, including money laundering and corruption.


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