Banks call for stimulus for sustainable energy

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Dutch banks present a joint statement for Copenhagen Ten Dutch banks are calling for measures against climate change.

The banks have issued a joint statement appealing to the participants of the upcoming climate conference in Copenhagen to reach clear agreements regarding sustainable energy. They are also calling on the Dutch government to create favourable conditions for a swift transition to sustainable energy sources.

The banks' statement is aimed first and foremost at the participants of the climate conference to be held in Copenhagen. The banks are adamant that vigorous measures must be taken to contain further climate change. The banks are therefore calling on the conference participants to do everything possible to realise a robust and sufficient climate treaty.

The banks are furthermore appealing to the Dutch government to stimulate sustainable energy vigorously. The banks wish to focus greater attention on the financing of and investment in sustainable energy. They are consequently urging the Dutch government to quickly create the required conditions for this.

The four organisations behind the Eerlijke Bankwijzer (Honest Bank Guide), namely Oxfam Novib, Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieudefensie) and FNV Mondiaal, support the banks' statement.

Enclosure: 'Dutch banks call for clear agreements on sustainable energy' statement​ (PDF 74 KB)



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