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ABN AMRO’s innovation platform, Dialogues Incubator, will today be launching a crowdfunding pilot, Crowdfunding is a new tool that makes it easier for businesses to attract investors. The outcome of the four-month pilot will determine whether the initiative will be continued.

Arthur van de Graaf, manager of Seeds: ”Crowdfunding is a development we’ve been following closely in recent years. More and more people know about it, but it has hardly been put to the test so far. I’m proud that ABN AMRO is the first bank to run a crowdfunding pilot.“

Crowdfunding is based on the principle that by joining forces, investors – more often than not small investors – can help companies achieve success. Not only do the investors provide funding, they also contribute the expertise and ideas businesses need to grow.

Arthur van de Graaf comments: “A trend we have seen in recent years is that investors want to be more closely involved in the projects they finance. The advent of social media has enabled them to do so through crowdfunding.”

The online platform invites interested parties to invest a minimum of 50 euros in five companies over the coming months. The companies selected – GreenGraffiti, Greenjoy, On The Ground Reporter, We Beat The Mountain and Yuno – all seek to contribute positively to society in terms of their social, educational and environmental impact. Seeds will then facilitate the conclusion of an agreement between the company and its investors.

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