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Research agency Sustainalytics has named ABN AMRO Industry Leader in Sustainability. This puts ABN AMRO among the top 5% of the most sustainable companies in the global financial industry.

Sustainalytics assesses the sustainability performance of banks in terms of their environmental footprint, social policy and governance. In its most recent ranking, it raised ABN AMRO’s total score from 71 points to 76 points, mainly on the strength of its environmental performance and governance.

Sustainalytics reports: "ABN AMRO Group operates a precautionary approach to sustainability, which is demonstrated by its strong enforcement of social and environmental standards. In line with its commitment to responsible finance, the company joined relevant sector initiatives that are backed by strong responsible investment strategies.

The company could improve by defining targets and deadlines to increase its exposure to environmentally friendly product offering or implementing a group-wide programme to promote financial inclusion. Overall, ABN AMRO Group belongs to the best performing companies in the industry and is therefore well positioned to anticipate future social and environmental macro developments that may affect the financial industry."

ABN AMRO wants to be a better bank contributing to a better world while being transparent in its business practices. External, independent research such as that carried out by Sustainalytics enables the bank to measure progress made in this area.

More information about sustainability at ABN AMRO can be found here.


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