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Starting 1 June 2015, it will be easier for new and existing clients of ABN AMRO and Florius to add residual debt they had financed with a consumer loan (for example, a standing credit) to a new mortgage. Existing clients can achieve the same by topping up their current mortgage.

Earlier this year, ABN AMRO and Florius had already offered their clients the option of adding their residual debt to their mortgage. Clients currently pay the going interest rates, without any surcharge. The bank is now offering a wider range of options, with a view to boosting the housing market and keeping mortgages combined with residual debt financing affordable.

Frans Woelders, CEO of Retail Banking: “We have noticed that our clients appreciate our offer. Since February, over 600 clients of ABN AMRO and Florius have already made use of one of our options. The average amount of residual debt they are financing this way is around € 23,000.”

The bank allows clients to borrow up to 115% of the market value of their house and their residual debt combined. The client must, however, be able to afford the loan payments and their regular mortgage must be no more than 103% of the market value of their house. Residual debt financing is permitted with or without coverage by the Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee Scheme (NHG).


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