Credit card details now in the ABN AMRO Mobile Banking app

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ABN AMRO Mobile Banking app with two credit cards

As from today, clients can access their credit card details in the ABN AMRO Mobile Banking app. Credit card expenses and the client’s payment limit can now be retrieved in the iOS version of the app, and the Android version will follow in two weeks.

Jessica Niewierra, Director of Digital Development & Interaction: “We are continuously developing the Mobile Banking app together with clients. They wanted access to their credit card details in the app, and we have now made that possible. We hope that this added feature will give clients greater insight into their day-to-day banking business.”

Clients use the app more than 55 million times a month. The latest comparative survey of mobile banking apps* shows that the ABN AMRO Mobile Banking app has the greatest number of features of all mobile banking apps in the Netherlands.

* Conducted by, see: (in Dutch)


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