Daphne Koster and ABN AMRO work together to develop Ajax football talent

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Daphne Koster with young talent

Daphne Koster and ABN AMRO today signed a partnership agreement for the coming three years. As a sponsor of the Ajax Women’s Team, ABN AMRO is already involved in women’s football at Ajax Football Club, but the agreement adds a new dimension. Daphne Koster will scout talented female football players during the Ajax Talent Days and will then devote six weeks to coaching these players.

Daphne Koster of the Ajax Women’s Team: ‘I believe the talented girls who play football are the future of our sport, and I am delighted that they are receiving more attention. Like ABN AMRO, I see enormous opportunities for developing these girls’ skills and encouraging their ambitions. It’s great that the bank and I can strengthen each other in this way.’

Ernst Boekhorst, Head of Sponsoring at ABN AMRO: ‘We are proud of the partnership with Daphne. Teaming up talented football players with an icon like Daphne allows us to put the ideas behind Partner of the Future into practice.’

Partner of the Future

As part of ABN AMRO’s ambition to invest in the future and be socially engaged, the bank has chosen the theme of ‘Partner of the Future’ for its sponsorship and foundation activities. ABN AMRO supports people and organisations with goals by supporting them in discovering their talent and living up to their ambitions, and by encouraging them to make the most of their talent. ABN AMRO’s sponsorship and foundation activities focus on the areas of sport, art & culture, education and entrepreneurship. As such, the bank is committed to building a brighter future.


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