Banks present Trust Monitor and announce planned improvements

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The Dutch Banking Association (NVB) is today presenting the Trust Monitor for Banks for the first time. Market research institute GfK surveyed how Dutch people think about banks in general, their own bank and how they experience various aspects of services provided by banks. In the monitor, banks also publicise their own individual scores for measurements conducted by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), the so-called Client Centricity dashboard scores. The Trust Monitor for Banks will be published annually.

The sector as a whole scored 2.8 on a scale of 1 to 5. A noteworthy finding is that clients place much more trust in their own bank (3.2). Banks scored 2.8 for ‘mortgages’. The category that received the most attention is ‘payment arrears’, which came in at 2.2. When asked how they experience the transparency of their own bank, clients gave an average score of 3.5. Client focus was rated 3.3, while professionalism received a 3.8.

These are a few important findings of the Trust Monitor for Banks that NVB chairman Chris Buijink today handed over to Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem. Mr Buijnink: ‘We want to use the feedback we have received from society to determine how we can strengthen trust and further improve our services.’

Dutch banks are aware that they will have to work long and hard to restore trust. Based on the survey results and the recommendations of the independent Advisory Board, the banks will focus on three areas in the period ahead:

  1. Banks will offer advice or suggestions to clients who have stated that their personal situation has changed or might change. The advice and suggestions relate to choices that are open to the client. Banks will offer the client insight into how their personal changes could affect their financial situation and products.
  2. Banks will make explicit how they can help clients who have fallen behind, or might fall behind, on their mortgage payments. They will also work with the client to find suitable solutions.
  3. Banks will make it clear to clients how they can easily submit a complaint to the appropriate person or department. They will also show that they take complaints seriously by keeping the client abreast of the progress made on a complaint being handled and by clearly explaining how a certain decision about the complaint was reached.

By publishing the individual Client Centricity dashboard scores from the AFM, banks are also heeding the call for greater transparency made by the Dutch Finance Minister, the Dutch Consumer Association, the Dutch Investors’ Association and the Dutch Homeowners’ Association. The participating banks and the sector as a whole now have a reliable instrument that can help them further restore consumer confidence more effectively. An independent Advisory Board, chaired by Peter Verhoef, will supervise this process. The banks will also provide further details of their own scores and improvement actions on their websites.

Composition of Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of four members:

  • Peter Verhoef, Chairman (Professor of Marketing, department of Economics and Business Administration, University of Groningen);
  • Fred Bronner (Professor Emeritus of Media and Market Research, department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam);
  • Ingrid Thijssen (member of the Board of Alliander);
  • Mirjam van Tiel (Office Manager of De Argumentenfabriek).

Trust Monitor Sector Scores

Category Aspect Sector Score (average)
Trust & Experience Trust in banks 2,8
Trust in own bank 3,2
Client focus 3,3
Transparency 3,5
Professionalism 3,8
Products & Advice Payments 4,4
Savings 4,4
Mortgages 2,8
Lending 3,3
Investment 3,3
Service & Use Online service 4,2
Customer contact 3,6
Complaints handling 3,2
Online banking 99,75%
Mobile banking 99,78%
iDeal 99,49%



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