ABN AMRO introduces mobile banking with fingerprint technology

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Touch ID

From 13 December, clients of ABN AMRO will be able to operate the Mobile Banking app using their fingerprint. The introduction of Touch ID/Fingerprint will be greatly welcomed by many users of the ABN AMRO Mobile Banking app.

ABN AMRO is the first major bank in the Netherlands where clients can use fingerprint identification to carry out banking activities for which they currently have to enter their identification code. The bank is introducing this new function for both iOS and Android operating systems. Touch ID is available on iPhones or iPads with the Touch ID facility and running iOS version 9 or higher, while Fingerprint is available on all Android devices with fingerprint recognition and running version 6 or higher.

Frans Woelders, CEO of Retail Banking at ABN AMRO, says: ‘Our clients have shown that they enjoy using our Mobile Banking app and really value it. Using fingerprint ID as an alternative to the personal identification code was a frequently requested option. With this update, we are making Mobile Banking even more useful and convenient.’

The use of fingerprint technology makes logging in and using mobile banking even faster and easier. It enables clients to perform the following activities with just one finger:

  • Logging in
  • Funds transfers
  • Online payments using iDEAL
  • Investments
  • Changing settings, for example a daily withdrawal limit or payment profile.

Many clients also regard the use of fingerprint technology as more secure, because it removes the risk of someone watching as they tap in their identification code. It also eliminates the objection of many clients to having to remember yet another new code.

ABN AMRO stresses that users must exercise proper care when using their devices and continue to do their banking in a secure way. The bank therefore urges clients not to lend devices on which Touch ID/Fingerprint is used to third parties, and only to store their own fingerprints on the device.

Other improvements

ABN AMRO has also improved a number of existing functions in this new version of the app. For example, clients will now be able to unblock their bank card directly after it has been blocked – useful if a card that had been lost is found again. Personal details such as email address or telephone number can now also be changed directly via the app, removing the need to ring or go to a branch. Finally, a number of functions have been configured differently and more simply, so that clients can now find what they are looking for more quickly.


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