ABN AMRO offers corporate clients 100% financing to improve sustainability of their properties

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Corporate clients of ABN AMRO who want to improve the sustainability of their properties can now get a loan to cover 100% of their investment. ABN AMRO is the first major Dutch bank to enable this as part of its drive to make an active contribution to making buildings in the Netherlands more sustainable.

Making an impact

Climate change is one of the most profound challenges the Netherlands is facing. The built-up area produces 40% of the country’s total carbon emissions. ABN AMRO finances about 10% of the total floor space of the built-up area in the Netherlands, representing a total of 185 billion euros in loans outstanding on its balance sheet (47% of the balance sheet). By teaming up with clients, the bank can have a meaningful impact in terms of reducing CO2 emissions. ABN AMRO is developing new initiatives like this one, making it easier for clients to improve the sustainability of their properties.

Rutger Schuur, managing director of ABN AMRO Commercial Banking Clients: “Our new approach will help corporate clients in all sectors meet their sustainability targets. Clients seeking to make their properties more sustainable can approach us and we’ll support their ambitions financially.”


Improving the sustainability of buildings is beneficial to clients in many ways, including lower energy bills and a more comfortable working environment. What’s more, sustainable buildings are more future-proof and therefore mean lower risk and better returns. Starting in 2023, a C-level energy label will be required for leased office space. The Energy Agreement includes the ambition for all property in our country to have an A-level energy label (on average) by 2030, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.


One of ABN AMRO’s previous initiatives for improving the sustainability of commercial property was a success. In 2016 the bank earmarked one billion euros in loans for this purpose, resulting in the proportion of commercial property with an A label in ABN AMRO’s commercial property portfolio rising from 1% to 13%.

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