Sustainability opportunities profitable for companies

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ABN AMRO and EcoChain Technologies will be teaming up to show ABN AMRO business clients how they can make their operations more sustainable. A detailed business case, expressed in financial and social returns, will identify their opportunities.

In addition to the environmental footprint, the EcoChain Technologies method identifies the company’s natural resources and energy flows. This information is used to create an analysis showing how the company’s operations can be made more sustainable, what the changes would yield in financial terms and how they can be financed.

It works both ways

Sander van Wijk, Head of Sector Advisory at ABN AMRO: “It works both ways: sustainable operations are good for the climate and almost always result in more efficient operations and higher financial returns. Plus the investments made can be financed at attractive rates. This initiative links up perfectly with the active role we want to play for our clients as a sector bank.” 

The new service will be piloted among ten companies in the agricultural and industrial sectors starting in November of this year. After the pilot, the approach will be fine-tuned and offered to a broader group of companies.

Green businesses more successful

Boudewijn Mos, Director of Business Development at EcoChain Technologies: “Green businesses use energy and natural resources more effectively, attract more talented people thanks to their image and can often charge higher prices for their sustainable products. As a result, they are generally more successful than their peers. With this partnership, ABN AMRO also makes it possible for clients to obtain financing for the required investments at attractive rates. We are confident that the companies taking part in this pilot will benefit from making their operations more sustainable.”

Transition to circular economy

ABN AMRO wants to play a pioneering role in the transition to a more circular economy. The bank aims to finance at least EUR 1 billion in circular assets by 2020, through at least 100 deals that will jointly reduce carbon emissions by a minimum of 1 million tonnes.


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