The Dutch rate their health care a 7.0

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Overall, the Dutch are predominantly positive about the quality of healthcare in the Netherlands. The average rating is 7.0 out of 10, as shown by an ABN AMRO MeesPierson survey. Nearly 1 in 4 participants assessed Dutch health care as 'good' and half stated it is 'adequate'. A small minority of 11 per cent rated care as unsatisfactory.

Despite giving overall favourable ratings, the majority of Dutch people (3 out of 5) do worry about receiving care in their old age. The main concern is the cost of care as they grow older, coupled with uncertainty whether they'll be able to find a suitable place to live and receive such care. Wealthy Dutch people, classed as those with over €500,000 of freely disposable capital, are more concerned than non-wealthy people that the current health care system cannot be maintained, due to the aging population of the Netherlands.

Tomorrow's healthcare system

How can we futureproof our healthcare system? Opinions differ. A majority (56 per cent) of participants believe that those with more wealth should also pay a bigger contribution. Wealthy Dutch people, in turn, wouldn't mind paying extra for their private health care – provided that they get a discount on their premium.

Easing concerns early on

ABN AMRO MeesPierson Healthcare Specialist Tjarko Denekamp: “Many of the concerns around health care in one's old age can be eased now. During one’s younger and healthier years, one can already start considering options for later. Which choices are available, what should it cost? And, importantly, what are the consequences of the financial decisions I take now? For example, if a large percentage of one’s total wealth has been gifted to the children, the most expensive care packages could be off limits. Home care costs can mount up over time, after all. Moreover, the personal contribution is relative to a person's wealth and, as such, could require a significant sum of money. Individual preferences play a role and no two households are the same. So to minimise concerns for the future, it would be wise to decide in advance which healthcare option is best for you.”


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