Tikkie hits the high street

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As of today, in-store shoppers can use Tikkie to pay for their purchases – before or after they leave, and without even passing the checkout. The pilot has just started at Munch Fit Food To Go in Amsterdam.

Grab & Go with Tikkie

Late 2016, retail consultancy Q&A chose Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam as its Shopping Street Innovation Lab. In this street, numerous retail innovations are now undergoing testing. ABN AMRO and Munch Fit Food To Go have collaborated on the creation of a Grab & Go store shelf with fresh juices, wraps and meals that customers can pay for through Tikkie if they like. Customers scan the product’s QR code with their smartphone, using their QR app if they have an Android or directly with their camera if they have an iOS phone. Automatically, the iDEAL-payment page opens in the familiar Tikkie environment. After paying, customers receive the familiar thankyou GIF. As with payment requests from individuals, you don’t need to have the Tikkie app yourself to make the payment.

Yorieke Eskes van Munch Fit Food To Go is thrilled. “We’re keen to offer our customers a more convenient way to pay, and we’d love to devote more of our own time to enhancing the shop experience. Tikkie offers us a way to do both. Besides, Tikkie has a strong track record in terms of user numbers and speed of payment. So the choice for us was simple.” 

ABN AMRO’s Lesley Flohil is excited about the first results. “In this pilot, we’re exploring payment in shops using QR codes. Given that customers can also pay after they’ve left, the payment morale of the Dutch is a key factor. Research has shown that giving customers trust actually boosts payment morale. Our pilot will give us insight into where the customer pays, and how reliably.”

Tikkie orders your drink

At the end of this month, Tikkie will hit the festival scene again, following its success at the Amsterdam Terrace Festival earlier this year. This time, visitors of the Winterparade in RAI Amsterdam will have the option of ordering and paying for drinks and snacks without leaving their table, thanks to Tikkie. Each table will have its own QR, as will each item on the menu. Customers scan the codes corresponding to their table and their order, and, in true Tikkie style, the order is automatically sent to the bar via WhatsApp. The customer then receives a Tikkie back. When the payment has been made, the order is delivered to the table. As such, Tikkie offers a solution to the long queues that festivalgoers find so discouraging. This convenient way to order and pay benefits both consumers and proprietors.


At present, over 1.4 million people in the Netherlands send thousands of Tikkie payment requests each month. Meanwhile, more and more retailers and catering establishments are eager to start using the popular app.

About Tikkie

Tikkie is a free-to-use app for iPhone and Android. Although it is an ABN AMRO initiative, customers of all Dutch banks can use Tikkie free of charge. They can conveniently send payment requests to family or friends using WhatsApp or text messages, inviting the sender to pay through iDEAL and their own familiar banking environment. Anyone can use Tikkie: all you need is a smartphone and a Dutch bank account. Receivers of payment requests don't need to have the Tikkie app installed themselves. Being a start-up initiative under ABN AMRO, the app meets the bank's safety and security requirements. User data is well-protected and is not shared with other companies.


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