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ABN AMRO now offers real estate owners a fast and convenient way to check how their buildings measure up to the requirements of sustainability label BREEAM-NL In-Use . BREEAM is the international standard for assessing, improving and certifying the sustainability performance of buildings. ABN AMRO is giving all interested parties free access to its BREEAM-NL In-Use QuickScan, developed in cooperation with CFP Green Buildings and the Dutch Green Building Council. The QuickScan gives real estate owners insight into their property’s sustainability, health impacts and return on investment, plus information on financing and subsidy options. The BREEAM functionality has been added to ABN AMRO’s Sustainable Investment Tool, which now gives users more than just energy savings information. Today, the ABN AMRO BREEAM-NL In-Use QuickScan is being officially launched at the Provada Real Estate Fair at RAI Amsterdam.

BREEAM most widely used sustainability standard

In the Dutch market and beyond, BREEAM is the most widely used sustainability standard. Far more than just an energy label, BREEAM rates the broader sustainability of buildings across nine different sustainability categories.

A quicker and easier route to sustainable buildings

The BREEAM QuickScan shows users or owners of a building the current and potential BREEAM rating, as well as the impact of each possible measure they could take to improve the rating, and what that would cost them. The module is based on a list of 40 questions that can be answered in under 30 minutes. Based on the answers, it produces a detailed report indicating how a specific building can be made more sustainable. If needed, the reports on individual buildings can be aggregated to produce a report on an entire real estate portfolio. The module was developed by ABN AMRO and CFP Green Buildings in cooperation with the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC). DGBC Is responsible for BREEAM certification in the Netherlands.

Erik Steinmaier, ABN AMRO’s Head of Real Estate Clients, says: “By providing free access to this quick scan, we’re giving real estate owners a simpler and faster way to make their properties sustainable. With insight into the current situation and the impact of all possible improvement measures, owners are equipped to take better and speedier decisions on sustainable improvements. Which is what makes the launch of this tool such a milestone in the process of greening the built environment.”

Bram Adema, Director of CFP Green Buildings, adds: “BREEAM-NL In-Use QuickScan is the fastest way to get an idea of your expected BREEAM rating. Moreover, the online scan indicates which measures can improve sustainability, and thus the rating, plus the attending costs. With the development of this module, we’re taking some of the hassle out of obtaining BREEAM certification, and saving owners time. The already successful BREEAM sustainability standard is likely to become even more effective as a result. With our partners ABN AMRO and DGBC, we’re upping the pace of sustainable improvement in existing buildings.”


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