iDEAL payments using QR code in mobile banking app

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From today, ABN AMRO clients can do their iDEAL payments by scanning a QR code on their computer screens, with the actual payment carried out via ABN AMRO’s mobile banking app. This removes the need to use an e.dentifier, if the client prefers not to.

This latest option in the mobile banking app – carrying out an iDEAL payment by way of a QR code – meets an oft-expressed desire on the part of our clients. The new functionality should make it easier and faster for our clients to pay for their online purchases, something they’re likely to appreciate in the run-up to the holiday season.


This new feature of iDeal payments by QR code will be available after an update to the mobile banking app. After this update, clients will be offered the choice to use either a QR code or their e.dentifier when making iDeal payments. Updates of the app are available via the Apple Appstore or Google Play.

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