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Today sees the launch of ABN AMRO’s new advertising campaign. Its aim is to better familiarise commercial markets with sustainable business models, as earnings can be expressed in money but also in more sustainable terms such as employment, social cohesion or the preservation of nature and the environment. The key thought is ‘Gains on all Fronts’ and the repeat hashtag is ‘Finance the Future’. The campaign’s main character Vincent ís portrayed by Mark Rietman, just like in the bank’s four previous campaigns. The new advertising campaign was developed by N=5 and will go out on television, radio, online and at Schiphol.

The goal of the campaign is to highlight the opportunities we see for combining business profit with social gains, as Deborah Wietzes, Marketing Manager at ABN AMRO Corporate Banking, observes: “Sustainable business models create opportunities for entrepreneurs. Research reveals that over half of Dutch companies are working on becoming more sustainable, but often lack time and knowledge. As a bank, we are looking to make our expertise available to our clients and finance the business models of the future. Sustainable real estate, say, tends to keep its value much better than non-sustainable real estate. So that’s better for clients, the bank and the environment. Gains on all fronts.”

The campaign showcases three entrepreneurs. APOC Aviation re-uses old airplane parts for different purposes, such as flight simulators. Vibers™ uses elephant grass for carbon capture and, after harvesting, as green alternative to plastic. PeelPioneers is the 21st century’s sustainable version of the peel farmer. It turns citrus peels into useful resources in a smart and environment-friendly way. 

The radio spots and online channels note two concrete services provided by ABN AMRO. Its Sustainable Investment Tool offers clients free advice on the sustainability of their properties and identifies opportunities to make these more sustainable. And ABN AMRO’s Sustainable Finance Desk pulls together specific knowledge and expertise to help business clients to better and more swiftly realise sustainable projects up to around EUR 25 million

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