Wealthy? Lots of business contacts, small circle of friends

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Millionaires aren’t just flush with money, they also tend to have very extensive business networks. In fact, millionaires typically have no less than 537 people in their active business networks, ABN AMRO MeesPierson’s annual Wealth Monitor survey has just established. If you have a little less to spend but are still labelled wealthy at a minimum 500,000 euros, you’re also likely to have quite a few business contacts, although half those of millionaires at an average 261 people.

The wealthy in the Netherlands may have large business networks, but they’re selective in their choice of friends. The survey reveals┬áthat a little over one-third (38%) have a small number of really good friends, while one in three respondents says that their friendships are the most important thing in their lives, taking precedence over family, work or money. Another notable finding is that wealthy Dutch people spend very little of their leisure time with other well-heeled countrymen and women: only 5% report that their friends are also affluents, while the vast majority mostly socialise with non-wealthy Dutch people.

Family equals happiness

When asked to name three things that make a happy life, 83 per cent of these wealthy respondents typically include family, although good health wins out with 88 per cent. Nearly half say that the main driving force in their lives is to spend a great time with their families.

Wealth monitor

Every year, ABN AMRO MeesPierson identifies what makes wealthy Dutch people tick, drawing on its Wealth Monitor survey of nearly 500 high net worth individuals conducted by the GfK research agency. Financial wellbeing was a key theme in this year’s survey.


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