ABN AMRO launches tool for charity donors: Philanthropy for everyone

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Simple tool to overcome the principal concerns about donating

  • Donors increasingly critical when giving to charity
  • Significant mismatch between chosen charity and actual sympathies
  • Greater awareness among younger generation, ‘donating’ by contributing time, expertise and network

Difficulties selecting the best match

“When we talk to clients, their overwhelming concern is that their money might not be used how they want. They’re under the mistaken impression sometimes that they can’t do anything to make charities more transparent, that they can’t influence this. We also see that people don’t always give to  the charity that best reflects their interests and the causes they want to champion,” says Maartje van Aardenne, Philanthropy Specialist at ABN AMRO Mees Pierson. “Say someone donates to cancer research every year – if we scratch beneath the surface, however, we might learn that they’re actually more concerned about climate change. We also see that our clients think carefully about how best to invest their money, but choose their charities almost at random. That’s a shame, and it’s why we’re telling people: you don’t have to give more, but instead take a moment to consider whether the charity that you’re backing is the one that best suits you.”

Working together for donations with more impact

To make it easier to find the right match, ABN AMRO has teamed up with the Netherlands Fundraiser Regulator CBF to develop a tool that allows anyone to check their favourite charity. “We took the most common questions that we encounter in our jobs, and bundled them together in this online tool,” Van Aardenne explains. Officially recognised charities are assigned a CBF Recognition Passport to show how they spend their funds. At present, over 600 charities in the Netherlands are officially recognised by CBF. Van Aardenne adds, “The Dutch give almost 6 billion euros to charity every year. So it’s important that we all work together to make sure that their money goes where they want it to.”

Preference among younger donors to engage in other ways besides giving money

Another notable fact is that millennials see donating money as part of a bigger picture. ABN AMRO’s research shows that the younger generation in particular prefer closer engagement with society, and above all want to do things themselves. They travel to Lesbos to help out in refugee camps, for example, or set up new foundations to fight global warming. Van Aardenne continues, “With mindful choices becoming more common among this generation, they’re also showing more awareness in how they donate. Besides giving money, they also contribute their expertise, networks and time.”


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