Large companies join forces to address cyber threat

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The cyber security departments of a number of large Dutch companies, including ABN AMRO, Ahold-Delhaize, Shell, IBM, ING and KPN, are teaming up to face down cyber threats. On 13, 14 and 15 May, ABN AMRO hosts the country’s first cybersecurity conference for large Dutch companies, SMEs and students. Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus will open the conference.

Connecting chains

The purpose of the three-day meet is to identify the gaps in companies’ approach to cyber threats and to work on new initiatives to further bolster the security of Dutch society and companies against cyber criminals. Importantly, by collaborating across companies and industries, these players are connecting chains. After all, companies typically have their own focus when it comes to cyber security: whereas one will primarily focus on securing its distribution systems, another may be set on detecting phishing. Together, companies can learn from each other and make each other stronger, thus making the whole ‘digital chain’ more secure.

More impact together

Christian Bornfeld, ABN AMRO’s Chief Information & Technology Officer, comments: “Right now, large companies and institutions are doing a very good job of protecting themselves. But between us we’re not doing enough to safeguard the security of our economy and society at large. Besides, there are countless much smaller companies, including many of our clients, that simply don’t have the money or capacity to build a robust cyber security department. And that’s exactly where criminals strike and cause a massive amount of damage. By joining forces as large companies, we want to develop new ways to secure our clients and our society against cyber criminals. We believe that, at the end of the day, this will benefit us all.”

Getting all stakeholders involved

The first day of the three-day conference will see the companies’ and institutions’ corporate information security offices (CISOs) agree on the themes and issues in the digital chain that they intend to address together going forward. Day Two is set aside for internal education on cybersecurity for ABN AMRO employees, while the third day is aimed at SMEs that would like to know more about cybersecurity and students who would like to work in this field.


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