Tikkie increasingly used for monthly outgoings

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The Dutch don’t just use Tikkie to repay their share of gifts or an evening out: ABN AMRO’s payment service is increasingly also used by people to pay their bit of shared outgoings, varying from insurance to Netflix and Spotify subscriptions. Tikkies to repay shopping expenses are the biggie, though: in the year to the end of September, 30% more Tikkie messages were marked shopping than in 2018.

Tikkie and advancing money

At six million users, Tikkie has been growing rapidly, with an average of 204,000 Tikkies paid every day. In fact, six out of ten Dutch people respond to a Tikkie reminder by paying within the hour, with no less than 30 per cent paying within five minutes. Compared with the start of 2019, the average amount in a Tikkie reminder is now 32 euros. Since its launch in mid-2016, over 3.4 billion euros worth of Tikkies have been paid.

Upping the Tikkie game

“We always try to be as relevant to our users as possible,” says Tikkie’s Moreno Kensmil. “From day one, we’ve known that friends send each other Tikkie reminders before or after joint activities. But lately we’re seeing Tikkies increasingly being used to settle up regular expenses. Doing a Tikkie has become so normal that it’s now being used for all kinds of other purposes. Consumers obviously need this simple and fun way of paying in more areas of their lives, so we’re constantly devising new developments for our users.”

About Tikkie

Tikkie is a free-to-use app for iPhone and Android to conveniently send payment requests using WhatsApp, Messenger, text messages or QR codes. The app was introduced in 2016 and now has some six million users. Although it is an ABN AMRO initiative, all Dutch current account holders can use Tikkie free of charge. Tikkie is also available for use by businesses, which can incorporate the service in a range of ways. For more information, go to www.tikkie.com


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