Footprint reduction

ABN AMRO Head Office

We want to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society, and we contribute to this by preparing our office buildings for the future. We are proud that our approach has won us several BREEAM quality certificates.

Head office

ABN AMRO Head Office

Our head office on Gustav Mahlerlaan was awarded the highest possible in-Use certificate. That’s quite an achievement for a building covering more than 125,000 square metres.

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Our branch in Alkmaar

ABN AMRO office at Bagijnenstraat 2 in Alkmaar

ABN AMRO’s branch at Bagijnenstraat 2 in Alkmaar used to be an average bank branch. Until we decided to change it into a sustainable showcase.

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ABN AMRO Pavilion view from station

The pavilion will be the ultimate example of our sustainability efforts. It will be sustainable from foundation to roof and from design to operation.

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