HR and sustainability


At ABN AMRO we believe that it’s our people who make the difference. Thanks to their talents, the bank has the agility it needs to be assured of continuity in the future. We aim to attract the right people, offer them opportunities for development and challenge them to make the most of their talents.

Our identity

The first step in this process was to define a distinctive corporate identity. We want our employees to be proud to work for ABN AMRO and to act as ambassadors for our brand. With this in mind, we are shaping our identity as a bank and we live by the values and principles that enhance employee engagement and promote integrity within the bank.

The result of our efforts was an increase in employee engagement from 55% in 2012 to 74% in 2013. It is our belief that engaged employees are better placed to face challenges and that they feel they can make a difference – not only for our clients, but also for the bank.

Culture of excellence

ABN AMRO is building a culture of excellence, befitting an agile organisation in which employees let their talents work for them and succeed in achieving excellent results for their clients. We believe it is up to us to give our people clear targets and guidance to enable them to be the best they can be. By the same token, we challenge them and encourage them to learn. This message was also passed on to our managers during the International Leadership Days in 2013.

Within this culture, diversity is key. In this area, too, we are making steps. Our Talent to the Top target for 2014 is to place women in 20% of senior management positions, up from 18.7% at the end of 2013, and in 25% of upper middle management positions (year-end 2013: 22.3%).

Best place to work

In keeping with the theme Your Best Place to Work, ABN AMRO aims to create a working environment in which employees are given greater freedom to take control of their working lives. Personal initiative and freedom of choice are replacing standard solutions when it comes to matters such as fringe benefits, work schedules and work location.

This will result in a mature and sustainable employment relationship in which staff take more responsibility for their performance and choices. An initiative we took in this area in 2013 was Uitgesproken, a platform that helps employees gain insight into their talents and options in terms of training and jobs.

Another development was the introduction of a new structure for employee representation as a result of which:

  1. more employees are active in the Employee Council
  2. more employees from different backgrounds and disciplines within ABN AMRO are represented more directly by the Employee Council

We Sustain: inspiration leads to innovation

ABN AMRO wants its employees to think about sustainability and apply it in their daily work. Their attitude and behaviour make a difference for our customers. Either directly or indirectly, an employee's actions can positively impact society and the environment. We encourage our employees to develop sustainable products and services, and to consciously make the right choices.

To inspire our employees and encourage them to think about sustainability, we organised a number of activation programmes in 2014. One of them was We Sustain, in which we updated our 4700 colleagues in Corporate Banking on the latest developments in this field, such as the sharing economy, chain innovation and social entrepreneurship. In addition to creating awareness, we challenged employees to contribute their ideas for new products and services that can make a sustainable difference for our customers.

Positive impact

Programmes like these have a positive influence on employee awareness. Annually, we assess this impact with our Employee Engagement Survey (EEO). We Sustain has yielded a great number of potentially successful ideas.