Investing in clean and safe energy

windmolens en zonnenergie

ABN AMRO wants to contribute to a better world and does so in many areas. One of them is investing in projects that help reduce CO2 emissions, initiated by entrepreneurs who want the energy they use to be clean and safe. We enable them to make their processes more sustainable by offering tailored financial solutions. For instance, we provide Energy Saving Loans, where ABN AMRO finances installation costs, and entrepreneurs pay back their entire loan including interest with the money they are saving on their energy bills.

SolarExcel: sustainable returns by upscaling

It takes more than just a good idea to make a sustainable difference. SolarExcel, manufacturer of films that increase solar panel output by 6 to 12%, is a prime example. In order to be able to supply on a large scale, it needed a bigger party with an already existing distribution network and client base.
In this case, DSM solved the problem by acquiring SolarExcel. ABN AMRO advised SolarExcel in the acquisition process - and in doing so made another contribution to a cleaner world.

SolarAccess: brewing with solar energy

ABN AMRO invests in projects designed to reduce CO2 emissions, for example by utilising solar panels. With green banking activities like this, we help business clients contribute to a better world. But the solution they invest is also financially sustainable: by generating their own power, they will save on energy costs in the long haul.

Together with brewer Wieckse Witte and SolarAccess , a manufacturer of solar panels, ABN AMRO played a key role in the conversion of Wieckse Witte's brewery in Den Bosch to operate on solar power alone. Meanwhile, conversions at several Heineken locations in other countries have been financed in a similar way. Projects like these give us opportunities to make a positive impact on society.