Human rights report: responsible banking in practice

In December 2016, ABN AMRO was the first financial institution in the world to publish an extensive report on its human rights policy. The report provides an in-depth account of areas in which we are doing well, and areas in which we could be doing better, both in far-off countries and closer to home.

While we are committed to making a positive contribution to society and to respecting human rights, we acknowledge that we may also be connected to practices that compromise human rights. We believe it is important for a bank to look at its business operations from this perspective.

To explain our impact more clearly, we have framed our Human Rights Report around four roles: employer, service provider, lender, and investment services provider. In the report we elaborate on the ways in which we respect our clients' and employees' rights, as well as on how we approach this matter regarding companies we fund or in which we invest on behalf of clients. We also go into detail about the dilemmas we have come across, and aspects in which we have some more progress to make.

The salient issues

In this Human Rights Report we answer the question of how ABN AMRO handles the four human rights issues that are most important to us. These are the human rights issues subject to the greatest risk of a potential negative impact due to our activities and business relationships.

To read why we have chosen to focus on these four human rights issues, please refer to the summary of our salient issues workshop.