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International Conference on Business and Human Rights 2015
International Conference on Business and Human Rights 2015 Watch the video compilation

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ABN AMRO Human Rights Report 2016
Human Rights Report​ (PDF 1 MB)

Respecting human rights is central to everything we do at ABN AMRO. Society expects that of us, but more importantly, we see it as a key element of doing business responsibly.

Human Rights Statement as a guiding force

Our Human Rights Statement​ (PDF 160 KB) is based on international guidelines and conventions, such as the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We act in accordance with these guidelines in all our activities, throughout the organisation and in all our business relationships.

By signing the UN Guiding Principles we pledge to report about our efforts towards improving the human rights situation. We develop policy and advice in this area on an ongoing basis, and ensure that our business associates do so as well.

ABN AMRO’s first Human Rights report

In December 2016 we published our first Human Rights Report, following the UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework. The report addresses the bank’s salient human rights issues, which are the human rights at risk of the most severe negative impact through ABN AMRO’s activities and business relationships. For ABN AMRO these are privacy, discrimination, labour rights and land-related human rights. The report discusses how we respects human rights of our clients and employees, but also how we address human rights risks at the companies we finances or invests in. It also provides the dilemma’s that we encounters, as well as situations in which human rights were not fully respected.

ABN AMRO Human Rights Report 2016​ (PDF 1 MB)
Summary of ABN AMRO Human Rights Report 2016​ (PDF 109 KB)

Workshop about our salient human rights

In October 2015, with support from Shift, we conducted an internal analysis to identify the bank’s salient human rights issues. During an internal workshop, experts from different business lines and support departments representing the entire bank together identified our most salient human rights issues. We have created a summary of the outcomes​ (PDF 107 KB) from that workshop.

Cooperating with NGOs, trade unions and the government

In October 2016 ABN AMRO signed the Dutch Banking Sector Agreement on Human Rights. This document is supported by thirteen banks, as well as various civil society organisations and the Dutch government. The goal of the agreement is to further integrate human rights in the business operations of banks, and cooperate on issues like supply chain due diligence and engagement with clients in high-risk sectors.

Importance of human rights throughout the chain

We work closely with suppliers, investors, NGOs and players from academia and politics. Respecting human rights is important throughout the chain. We can make a real difference by joining forces. We do this with partners such as SHIFT, Global March against Child Labour, and the National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking.

Human Rights Guide: a talking point

ABN AMRO developed the Human Rights Guide​ (PDF 9 MB) in order to bring human rights to the attention of our clients and to engage with them on this subject. In this guide we explain what we do to respect human rights, but also what we expect of our clients and the organisations with which we do business.

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