Our focal points

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In addition to the four main pillars of its sustainability strategy, ABN AMRO focuses on four important themes: the circular economy, climate change, human rights and social entrepreneurship. We signed several statements that define our approach to the opportunities and challenges of these themes. The themes apply to all of ABN AMRO’s activities, throughout the organisation and in all its business relationships.

Circular economy

Circular economy

ABN AMRO views the circular economy as an opportunity to tackle the challenges of depleting raw materials. By engaging our clients, bringing together promising parties and launching pilot projects, we work to find concrete methods to accelerate the circular economy.

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Climate change

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face today. When it comes to combatting climate change, ABN AMRO takes its responsibility, for example by reducing its CO2 footprint and sharing its knowledge in this field with clients.

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Human rights

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Respecting human rights is central to ABN AMRO’s approach to doing business responsibly. We want to meet society’s expectations of us by consciously treating everyone with respect. We work closely with multiple parties to truly make the difference.

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Social entrepreneurship

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We consider social entrepreneurship to be a very important theme. That’s why ABN AMRO supports social entrepreneurs both financially and operationally. We invest in social enterprises, and proactively make available our knowledge, financial expertise and network.

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