The publications listed below aim to help our stakeholders improve the ecological footprint of their own production chain.

Human Rights Guide

Human Rights Guide

Download the Guide ​ (PDF 9 MB)
ABN AMRO Sustainable Diamond Jewellery Guide

Sustainable Diamond Jewellery Guide

Download the Guide ​ (PDF 11 MB)
ABN AMRO Sustainable Fashion Guide

Sustainable Fashion Guide

Download the Guide (in Dutch only) ​ (PDF 1 MB)
True Price - ABN AMRO Integrated Profit and Loss

True Price - ABN AMRO Integrated Profit and Loss

Download this report ​ (PDF 1 MB)
ABN AMRO Circular Economy Guide

Circular Economy Guide

Download the Guide (in Dutch only) ​ (PDF 4 MB)
The Green Quest - Eindrapport

Results of The Green Quest

Download the results (in Dutch only) ​ (PDF 6 MB)
Onderzoek Mensenrechten Rapportage

Dutch business community values human rights

Download the research report (in Dutch only) ​ (PDF 785 KB)
VGGT Land Rights

VGGT Land Rights

Download this document ​ (PDF 50 KB)
ABN AMRO Sustainability Risk Guide

Sustainability Risk Guide

Download this document ​ (PDF 1 MB)
ABN AMRO Bijsluiter over Palmolie

Info sheet about palm oil

Download the document (in Dutch only)​ (PDF 99 KB)
ABN AMRO Human Rights Report 2016

Deep dive Report Impact Investment

Download the report ​ (PDF 1 MB)