Sector specific policy

ABN AMRO has developed sustainability policies for the sectors in which the bank operates: Agriculture, Chemicals and Pharma, Commercial Real Estate, Defence, Energy, Extractive Industries, Manufacturing and Transportation.

The policies describe our procedures for dealing with sustainability issues within these sectors. They address the specific characteristics of each sector, define the sustainability issues at stake and outline the appropriate management procedure.


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Agriculture is an important sector to ABN AMRO, one which is expected to continue to grow.

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Chemicals and Pharma

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ABN AMRO recognises that the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries entail significant sustainability risks.

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Commercial Real Estate

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As a provider of financial services, ABN AMRO is strongly committed to being a value-adding partner to its clients in the Commercial Real Estate sector.

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Our defence sector policy recognises the right of democratic countries to procure means for self-defence.

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Access to reliable and affordable energy is key to our wellbeing and prosperity.

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Extractive industry

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ABN AMRO closely manages the environmental, social and ethical (ESE) impacts associated with the mining sector.

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A large part of the world’s population works in the manufacturing industry.

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Within the transportation sector, ABN AMRO is primarily engaged in business with large corporate clients in the shipping industry.

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